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Why aren’t they responding?

In the quest of getting features and reviews from blogs, most of the time we face disappointment. In my earlier days I used to get frustrated by this so easily. I used to ask myself why aren’t they responding? I have a perfect single or album and my family and friends love it. So what’s the problem?

Never think that media and press should be done as an exchange in services. The media does not get free quality traffic from a new artist with only a few thousand followers. If you are smart about your marketing you need to become a genuine influencer of people and communities before you can generate decent traffic for anyone that you look to collaborate with. However, quality magazines and press who have spent time cultivating an audience will certainly effectively bring traffic to you and more importantly attract industry opportunities to you by featuring your story and music. Thinking that this is in any way an equal opportunity is not realistic. Spend time learning about the industry, knowing your listeners, building your marketing and content plans, and start shifting your focus to a more productive strategy. Learn more about building your fans base (organically), importance of having quality followers rather than just big numbers and actually becoming an artist who can bring impact into a business relationship.

Be an influencer and they will start noticing you. Drop me a note and I will be happy to share my experience with you.

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