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Narrated by critics as “an extraordinary instrumental guitarist who can make his instrument sing with unparalleled purity”, Shehzad Bhanji has taken the melodic instrumentals to new levels of production.


Based in Adelaide, Australia, Shehzad's unusual melodic and fusion approach to his instrumentals and songs expand its harmonic limits and improvisational possibilities.

Shehzad has released four albums to date and endorses five brands. He is currently engaged in a number of experimental projects such as electronic fusion rock instrumental, international language songs, background scores for short films, and documentaries, all recorded at his SB Sound Kitchen Studio. He has been featured in a number of leading magazines such as Rolling Stone, Jamsphere, and Planet Rock along with a host of music blogs, and podcasts from around the world.

Shehzad's perspective of producing instrumentals is simple i.e. it should take listeners on a journey, expressing the feeling of that moment. He uses instrumentals that force an emotional connection with its listeners. Every melody, every beautiful texture, every blend of sound narrates a story that takes the listeners on a unique inner journey.  

His inspiration comes from artists like Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Eric Clapton. His music is unprecedented in that its compelling melodies and the various instruments he uses are vast and wide.


Apart from producing music, he is passionate about assisting upcoming musicians and artists in finding their way in the world of music. He is an active member of a local NGO that focuses on providing a platform for young musicians to showcase their talent. He was also an integral part of a project which organized the country's first national-level music competition.

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