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A platform created for Indie musicians looking to learn about Music Marketing Strategy, Album Launch Plan, Music PR, Effective EPK Design, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Online Distribution. 

1. Qatar National Music Competition: 

The competition was first of its kind in the country (Qatar). The challenge was to create the awareness about the event, getting sponsors, engaging government bodies, parents, children and schools.


Planned marketing and communications design and strategy for the competition. The projects included pre-hype campaign, media engagement, communication design and marketing & messaging strategy.

2. Moving Young Artists:  

Moving Young Artists is a NGO with one objective; to provide talented young children with a platform to showcase their talent. The organization works closely with group of young musicians and regularly arranges concerts. 


Drafted marketing and communication strategy for the organization. The scope included strategic road-map, messenging & talent engagement strategy, revamping of social media channels and events.  

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