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A platform created for Indie musicians looking to learn about Music Marketing Strategy, Album Launch Plan, Music PR, Effective EPK Design, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Online Distribution. 

The launch pad tools from which you can spring.

During the last few years I have learned these things the hard way but I wanted to pass on my learnings with the upcoming Indie musicians. So get in touch with me and lets start with your album launch plan. 

Brand Identity:

It’s the logotype, name, color scheme, message, personality and quirks that the public associates with you․ We help you shape your brand․

Strategic Planning:

It starts from thinking. The road map which will help you to acheive your objectives. 

Music PR:

An artist without a story that resonates with a niche audience is lost in an ocean of noise․ Learn how to create and pitch your story to blogs that matters.

Content Creation:

A catchy line, a neat piece of prose, or a little personal video can make a world of difference․ Ideas to create the content that will feel 100% ‘yours’․

Everything Social:

Modern social networking is one of the most powerful marketing tools for any musician․ If designed, optimised and maintained correctly․

Online Distribution:

If you want to sell, stream or license your music but dont know who would be the right partner to distribute your music and to which geographical markets. 

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